USA 2000

USA 2000, was our first road trip and we had three main objectives. To get to the grand Prix in Indiannapolis for the first race to be held in the states in nine years ,to get to the Grand Canyon, then to visit BB Kings place in Memphis. The missus is a big Jazz/Blues fan.

Niagara Falls

Got past immigration due to my impeccable moral turpitude then headed North on day 1 to Niagara falls. The missus suitcase failed to show up on the carousel at Newark, we have to ring up every  day to see if has landed anywhere. In the meantime she is roughing it. Then the hire car had been cancelled somehow. Luckily I had only been awake for a straight 24 hours for the second time in 3 days, so I was able to keep calm.

The falls were well worth the visit. Rainbows in the morning mist.

Chicago El Train

Next stop was chicago. We witnessed a minor scuffle between two down and outs, and had a hard job finding a room. At least we now know what a ‘four hour room’ is, and how to avoid them. Visited a couple of art galleries, Buddy Guys and I saw my first female Elvis impersonator in Molly McGuires.

Latest news on the suitcase – Its arrived at Charles De Gaulle – Paris.

Balloon release Indianappolis

We headed South towards Indiappolis. Stayed at the Lincoln inn for a couple of nights. Missus enjoyed the race which was won by Schumacker.

Mark Twains lake Missouri


Mark Twain lake North Fork

Headed off to St Louis, then North to Bowling Green. Famous place-names for me, from my interest in the American civil war. Next day we head past Mark Twains park and into some real different scenary. Things are more spaced out now, and different animals, possums or racoons? everywhere.

It’s early days, but we have seen 7 states so far. Pennsylvania, New York,Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas.